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Digital Community Approach For Healthcare


GE Healthcare was looking for a channel to resonate with healthcare professionals and gather insight about their real life problems.


Within their busy schedules and life time learning process, healthcare professionals are in need of a platform where they can share thoughts, access literature and ask for expert opinions from colleagues.

In the target audience resources, this arise as the major digital user need that we can handle and touch our main user base. There was a significant potential that could increase the brand’s engagement with its main audience.


We came up with Radiologyzone, which is the first website that healthcare professionals will visit before they start a day. Radiologyzone is designed as a digital community they catch up with the innovations in their industry, follow up with articles from key opinion leaders, filter an user generated literature within various modalities, work fields and anatomies, ask for colleague opinion for the real life cases they confront and start up discussions in specific fields they are interested in.

We have designed Radiologyzone from the ideation to UI with our target audience, and developed it in an agile manner taking their opinion about the usability in each feature.

Radiology Zone Mobil Dijital Topluluk Platformu


Radiologyzone provided the first community for medical imaging professionals where they could get visible with participation. We have developed it as a web application and mobile app with cutting edge technology where the users find their expectations as a social platform.


Radiologyzone is launched in Saudi Arabia in parternship with RSSA and has reached to a valuable user base that provided significant insight to the brand.