Full-Stack Developer / Tech Executive

Our Full Stack team mate is a web enthusiast with desire to explore and create.


Is responsible of inhouse and / or outsourced projects execution to meet with top-grade, user friendly standards.

Has a key role in the design, development, deployment, testing and maintenance of web apps that meet cross-browser mobile web standards (and sometimes hybrid platforms such as ionic / electron etc.)

Works agile in short sprints, meets with senior management at daily scrums and gives daily and weekly reports.

Bridges relations between counterparts, internal teams, technical partners and customers.

Open for continuous training, testing and building on new technologies.

Tech Stack

Experienced in the following front-end toolset:

  • Javascript (with experience in TypeScript / ECMAScript)
  • Angular 4+
  • jQuery
  • CSS Pre-processors
  • Bundlers

Has mid-level knowledge on most of the following back-end toolset:

  • PHP with Symfony (or similar frameworks)
  • Node.js
  • NoSQL
  • Cache Engines
  • Basics of WordPress as a CMS
  • Basics of LEMP Stack

Has interest and introductory knowledge on:

  • Social Media API’s
  • Consuming Restful API’s


About Revolvia

Revolvia is a creative agency which undertakes all aspects of digital communication for leader brands. We’ve built more than 60 web, social and mobile app projects including awarded ones. In about 50% of our projects we use cutting edge technologies to create influential user experiences and meet high traffic demands. Revolvia is flourishing ground for individual talents that work in various disciplines to create beautiful work.