Agile Project Manager

We are looking for an Agile Project Manager who is in love with user-centric applications and enthusiastic about trends!


The ideal candidate is an initiator + motivator + creator.

Revolvia PM;

  • Is responsible for execution of creative, user-centric application development projects for our clients.
  • Has a key role in planning and managing the design, development, deployment, testing and maintenance of apps, websites, dashboards and microsites.
  • Works agile in sprints, meets with team at daily scrums and provides regular reports to clients and senior management.
  • Bridges communication between stakeholders, internal teams, technical partners and clients.
  • Coaches continuous inspiration and training on new trends & technologies.


  • Fluid English, Good math, Enthusiasm for geeky stuff
  • Min. Bachelor’s Degree on relevant fields
  • Experience in working with international teams and clients
  • Strong business acumen in agile project planning and management
  • a-Z comprehension of user-centric projects (UX, Gamification, mobile apps, web sites and integrated digital technologies)
  • Strong verbal, written, and organizational skills

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