MI6 Digital Experience Design Framework

At Revolvia, we have a unique framework around which we shape all of our digital project design processes ...

MI6 is at the heart of all of the methodologies we use for the excellence of a user experience as a way to transfer our learning to our next experience.

Our methodology, which consists of 6 basic layers, provides a framework that includes all the steps from determining the business objectives of the project to be produced, applying the creative ideas to producing and applying the creative ideas and measuring the results, and thus taking all the necessary factors into account until the planned success of the project is planned.


Each project starts by defining the business goals and requirements of the brand.


We create an insight and define personalities and stories by examining the habits of our target audience we will communicate with, their experiences with the sector, products and similar brands.
At this stage, most of the time, the consumers, whose opinions we get from the subject, tell us about their experiences in the sector, pointing out potential communication opportunities and telling us what communication channels will work, until we reach the keywords we need to address them.


This is the stage where we invent new stories! Our creative team brainstormed the collected data to produce ideas about the story, discourse, visual language and communication methods of the project. By presenting these ideas to the owners of the business, we choose the ones that best suit our business goals.


Then, we create the application maps of our new idea and start production. From the communication creatives to be produced at this stage, to the design of the user experience in the channel to be used, from software development to the execution of the task departments with the stakeholders who will take part in the process, we prepare to the finest detail.


What makes the storytelling different from conventional channels in digital channels, that is, the user experience is designed at this stage. The more you interact with the user voluntarily, the more your commitment to the story increases. For this, we design creative experiences with touchpoints and user stories.


And finally, we’re designing how our new story will be effectively introduced and won by users. We prepare a broadcasting strategy by identifying the language that will increase the user experience the most and the media channels and opinion leaders in which the projects will be announced most effectively. We carry out communication activities, content plans and lifecycle management required after the launch.


After the project is implemented, the performance criteria defined in the business objectives are measured and the Interaction and Impact stages are optimized in line with the feedback.


We have designed and implemented a brand new digital story with Revolvia methodologies in the most effective way!