Revolvia Perspective To The Digital World

What has replaced the television, newspapers and magazines that you spent 1-2 hours every day in 2005?

In 2005, there were no social media and smart devices in our lives.

Since 2010, these two new inventions began to occupy every aspect of our lives step by step.

What has replaced the television, newspapers and magazines where you spent 1-2 hours each day?

Today, Facebook is the new mainstream publication.  Whatsapp is the biggest mobile operator of the world ( Whatsapp generates more messages than the sum of 816 mobile operators’ SMS numbers and voice calls )

Youtube is the new TV (50% of consumers spend as much time on Youtube as they did on TV 10 years ago)

Today, Twitter is the new mainstream news source. Today Twitter is now the new Newspaper (15% of people say they follow the news on twitter)

Today, Instagram is our new mainstream magazine (70% of people follow their favorite celebrities, restaurants, humor and fashion on Instagram and everyday they open the app 13 times in average. )


As the 2020s approached, social media and smart devices became indispensable in our daily lives.

Digital communication means social media and smart mobile devices for us.

As Revolvia, we act with the principle of providing full service to brands where we carry out digital communication activities.

Our services include:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Digital Communities

    We design and operate the holistic communication services with our unique Revolvia Digital Engagement Framework.