Spotify’dan Kullanıcı Verisi ile 2018 Hedefleri

Spotify, geçtiğimiz sene sonunda kullanıcı verisini kullanarak bugüne kadarki en büyük açık hava kampanyasını yapmıştı. Bu seneki yıl sonu kampanyasında ise marka benzer bir yaklaşımla yine kullanıcı verisini kullanıyor ve bunlardan yola çıkarak esprili 2018 hedefleri belirliyor.

Spotify is once again making hilarious and clever use of its data in its end-of-year campaign, with ads that pluck nuggets of people’s listening choices from 2017 and translate them into 2018 “goals.”

Whereas last year’s campaign from the streaming giant was based around the tagline, “Thanks 2016, it’s been weird,” this year’s global wrap-up imagines what its audience might do in 2018 based on the events, cultural and political, of 2017.

You might, for instance, ” Eat vegan brisket with the person who made a playlist called ‘Leftist Elitist Snowflake BBQ.’ Or, “Hit the dance floor with the person who made a playlist called ‘Daddy Pence Come Dance.’ You could even, “‘Be as loving as the person who put 48 Ed Sheeran songs on their ‘I Love Gingers’ playlist.’

spotify 2018 goals bigumiguspotify 2018 goals bigumiguspotify 2018 goals bigumigu

Seth Farbman, Spotify CMO, tells Creativity: “When we started to look at this year’s data and what the news was every day we realized there was a lot of fatigue and exhaustion with all the events in 2017. So rather than go back and relive that exhaustion, we thought we would look forward and bring in a spirit of hope and optimism.”

spotify 2018 goals bigumigu

Although the U.S. executions include many political references — for example, “Be as savage as the person who made a 1-hour, 55-minute playlist called “Lasting Longer Than The Mooch”– Farbman says it is trying to identify “watercooler moments,” like Sean Spicer’s resignation, rather than make a political point, and that its target audience includes people from all sides of the political spectrum. “Our job is to shine a light on those events that provoke people to strong emotion through music, and to use humor to relieve some of the seriousness.”

spotify 2018 goals bigumigu

Created by Spotify’s in-house agency, the out of home campaign will run in seven U.S. cities ( New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Nashville, and Washington D.C) and in 18 global locations. As with last year, it will include some executions hyper-localized to different markets with mentions of artists popular there. For example, in Sweden, one billboard reads: “Leave 2017 behind with as good conscience as the person who streamed “Ain’t My Fault” 1355 times this year — Zara Larsson, one of the most streamed artists of the year.”

The campaign also includes life-size cutouts of various artists, including Cardi B and Bruno Mars, that will be placed in locations in New York, L.A. and Miami; the idea is that people will take selfies with the cutouts and use them as an “analog filter” for posting on social. Farbman says the idea came from the insight that artists often post selfies of themselves standing in front of billboards with their faces on them. “Our creatives believe that this is an idea that could work really well,” he adds.


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