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GE VR: The Experience

We’ve brought VR technology to Arab Health

For the technology pioneer GE Healthcare.



As one of the largest healthcare trade shows in the world, Arab Health is a major market encounter for GE Healthcare. And it’s a moment of truth to introduce their new products to prospective customers. The logistics of large scale, high tech and sensitive devices to the fairground in a limited time and maintaining a seamless user experience is a problem to be solved.


We looked for alternative ways to extend the experience of customers with GE Healthcare imaging devices. Our aim was to allow them observe as many products as possible with the elaborative information we want to commit. For this, we hade to create a channel that’d allow them to interact with us both at the GE Healthcare Booth and after they leave the exhibition.



In order to solve all these problems, we’ve developed GE VR: The Experience application in less than a month. The platform, staging our products in VR and 360 Video environments, allowed our visitors to experience an immersive experience with custom GE VR cardboards, during and after their visit.


We launched GE VR: The Experience application before the exhibition starts. Our hosts welcomed GE Healthcare Booth visitors with the required equipments and immersed them into a virtual world of medical imaging. The satisfied visitors became quantifiable leads and left the stage with a set of decision making tools we’ve provided.



With GE VR: The Experience project, the number of leads generated in Arab Health 2016 increased by x3,9 times previous year and due to it’s success, project is used in 2017 as is.