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Shake Up

The First Gamification App In Turkey
Promised The Students More Than Success!



Sabanci University is one of the top tier universities in Turkey. As a relatively young university, they wanted to attract the most successful students without diving into competition.

Shake Up ios Mobil Uygulaması


In the focus group studies, we found out that the candidates were bored of trying to compete for rankings and they were curious about the out-of-academy successes of existing students in the university.


We came up with the concept “Success is more than studying!”. We decided to make a CTA to our target audience to “Shake Up” and look for real life success!

Shake Up app is a platform where they can socialize with the existing students in the university and get coaching from them to get more successful in life, rather than exams.

Shake Up users received coaching on Culture, Sports and Social topics from the top notch Sabanci University students.

Türkiye'nin İlk Oyunlaştırma Uygulaması


Shake Up is the first gamification app in Turkey. We have gamified the coaching system. The users logged into the app with their facebook or twitter platforms and started a journey where they learned to become a successful university student from the first hand!

Sabancı Üniversitesi Öğrencileri Aday Öğrencilere Kişisel Gelişim Koçluğu Yaptı


Eventhough the quota of Sabanci University was 250 per each year, more than 30.000 candidates applied for Shake Up. At the end of the campaign, 70% of the new students said they used Shake Up during the application period.