Revolvia Brand Engagement Framework

Inorder to better understand the brands that we work together and re-define their digital environment we use our genuine Revolvia Brand Engagement Framework.

We describe the consumer lifecycle from the first moment a user is exposed to the brand message as a potential customer to reaching, purchasing, recommending and repurchasing the products and services of the brand.

This life cycle is a process that needs to be planned from the playground where we grasp the attention of the consumer to the climbing area where the they become our customer and conclude in the winning area where they become our loyal customer.


In the workshops we work with the brands, we walk through this life cycle and set our goals to develop potential contact points.

Our goal is to capture the consumer from the market and climb them at the loyalty steps. We support this process with the digital communication methods until they reach a mutual win-win point.

Our Target Is: Loyal Customers

The Ultimate Question Is: How we make them recommend our brand?