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Game Design and Development
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5 Pop

A brand new addictive mobile game.


Mobile gaming is in a hype and all mobile users are getting caught with an addiction in a certain period of their life. It’s a disloyal industry where the user needs to be convinced to stay in a short time window. The problem is to keep user attention and recommendation above the mean so that you get viral.




The significant user habit we found out is that they tend to play the games which they find familiar with a slight difference more. That’s why we decided to focus on classical games and redesign them as if we are inventing them for the first time. Of course, they should have been easy to comprehend, promising and fun!



5 Pop is the redesign of Tetris. Instead of the bricks, you have the bubbles. We replaced the incremental fall with real physics. You drag and drop the bubbles. When the bubble falls it settles in where it stops.

5 bubbles of the same color that are in contact Pop! When you clear the screen you succeed the level! If the screen is filled up by bubbles you fail!

That simple, that familiar, this innovative!


The game is designed to grab the attention at first, educate the user in next levels, build up the tension and make the player wonder the next levels in each upcoming level.

Its physics engine, lovely visual design, appetizing sound design and challenging level planning built up an original addictive puzzle game.




Within the first month, 5 Pop virally spread in the Philippines and ranked in the top 10 games in App Store.