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Is The Manager, A Real Manager?

AbbVie için geliştirdiğimiz bu oyunla, Z Jenerasyonu’nda yetenek avına çıkıyoruz!

The next generation dreams big. They want to work in the best workplaces and climb the career ladder light lightening

AbbVie, which won the Great Place To Work award 3 times in a row, is one of the most sought-after biofarma brands that embellish their dreams.

We made this meeting fun with the game design we created for our brand, which plans to open a new channel that will reach young people in order to discover the most talented and add them to its team.

We created a fun story in “Is The Manager, A Real Manager?”. While the participants solve the situations they encounter by throwing the cards left and right, they try to reach their performance metrics.

As they experience the first days of their careers with a role play simulation, we also get to know their decision-making styles and draw personality analyzes by fitting them into the Big 5 model.

A Playful Way to Discover True Talent!

A successful example of transforming HR processes for those born digitally, “Is The Manager, A Real Manager?”. Despite the intense interest it receives, “How will we discover real talents among thousands of job applications?” It also offers the most effective answer to the question.