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Social Super League

What if the super league matches were played in Twitter?


Football is one of the hot topics of social media. is aa betting company and they have problems in getting into the conversation with conventional advertising methods due to the platform policies.

They were looking for a solution to direct the football conversation in social media to their betting website.


The average twitter user is following up with the football conversation through:

1) A search about their team

2) The fans that tweet about the hot topics.

This insight lead us to ask the question: “What if this week’s matches were played in twitter?”1


The answer was Social Super League!

We have tracked each tweet from each team’s fans and created a game where each endorsement in twitter becomes a goal opportunity in that week’s match.



For each week, the real Super League matches are also played in twitter. Each tweet was evaluated with an algorithm that’s correlated with real league’s statistics and resulted as a throw-in, corner kick, out of play or if lucky goal! The possession holders are mentioned from our social media account.

The users that are mentioned became curious about what’s the game. When they clicked the given link in tweet, they were landed to our platform and became a part of the game. After that, they had the chance to make social betting and win awards!


In the 2015-2016 season, Social Super League tracked more than 55 Million football tweets. 5% of the platform users were successfully registered to The project is awarded with the first Mixx in the “creativity in big data” award in Turkey.