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Meet Zacky

Imagination at Your Service


In medical industry, each detail requires a great care and special attention. GE Healthcare was looking for a creative approach to communicate their new services to the potential clients.



It was crucial to grasp the attention of our target audience, who are mainly composed of Gen-X medical professionals, with a communication concept that’s differentiating from the competition. We realized most of them were curious detective story readers and comic book fans.


The medical industry was full of brands that communicate their messages with technical descriptions. We came up an idea to disrupt the usual and touch our audience with something that urged the child within and we designed a game: Meet Zacky.

Zacky is an international special investigator. Very much like the detective stories they love, Zacky is a deduction specialist with analytical skills who investigates mysterious cases and ask support from them to finish the stories.



We printed card games and posted them to our target audience. These card games invited them to download our game, bringing our very offline audience to an online platform. With an AR technology they started to play the game.

Meet Zacky was implemented to empathize our audience with the title character and immerse into a detective story.

The game is developed as 6 stories that develop in 4 countries, in 4 languages. In order to progress in each story the user took advantage of high-tech GE Healthcare products and when they reach the final, they were awarded by exclusive trainings.

Meanwhile all new GE Healthcare products were experienced by our target audience.



40% of the app downloaders finished the game and earned their exclusive training. 90% of the users allowed us to communicate them for more information.